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Artwork Requirements
Information about providing us with artwork. 

FAQ’s and how to avoid artwork fees.

What format do I need?

We prefer artwork to be submitted in one of the following PC formats:
                .eps    (vector)
                .plt      (plotter)
                .cdr     (CorelDraw)

All digital artwork should be supplied as line art (vector art).  All text must be converted to outlines (curves).  Hard copy artwork should be as large as possible within 8.5” x 11” for scanning purposes.  Digital images should be vector artwork (not bitmap/raster) and either saved in CorelDraw, or exported as an .eps (encapsulated PostScript) file without compression.

Can I send a Word document?

Do not submit raster images that are embedded within another file, such as within Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, etc.

What if I use Mac?

All artwork created on a Macintosh should be saved in a PC format with text converted to outlines.

Can you engrave shadows?

Technically yes, but sometimes they can’t be distinguished from the rest of the image.
Images that contain halftones, tints, fades, shadows, grayscales, should have a resolution of at least 300 pixels-per-inch.

What if my artwork isn’t digital?

Printed documents, photocopies, business cards, and letterheads are not acceptable as they provide very poor results.  JPG’s, GIFF’s, TIFF’s, and all other bitmap files (non-vector based) can be submitted for use at a resolution of no less than 300 pixels-per-inch.

What if I don’t have artwork or my artwork is not acceptable?

Finished products are only as good as the artwork supplied.  Our staff can assist you with your art for a charge of $60 per hour.

What if I need PMS color match?

Due to technical differences in color monitors and photos, the colors depicted in the electronic proof may not exactly match those in the final product. Please specify required PMS colors.  We make every effort to match requested colors but cannot guarantee a 100% exact match.

Can you reproduce a logo from my favorite brand or from the internet?

All artwork submitted for use must be the property of the customer, or the customer must have the express permission of the owner to use.